The Collection

Each issue comes packed
with new project patterns,

instructions for the next stage of your throw, and handy tips and techniques to refresh and advance your crochet skills!

New projects in
every issue!

Each themed book comes with 8 project patterns for you to make and enjoy. Ranging from House and Home to Gifts for Baby, each book is packed with a range of patterns to choose from, so there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re making something for yourself, your home or a loved one, take back your time and get inspired with Big and Little Crochet!

So many projects to choose from!
8 projects in every issue

The Throw

Throughout your collection you’ll also crochet this beautiful hexagon throw. Each book comes with a ball of yarn for your throw, as well as instructions for crocheting the next stage. Indulge your love of crochet and create something truly special, whether for a loved one or to snuggle up under yourself!

Throw complete in 75 issues.

Roll over the image to see more details 100% cotton yarn in every issue

Crochet Know-How

Whether you’re learning for the first time or brushing up on existing skills, each book comes with a stitch guide explaining new stitches and techniques, with step-by-step photography to ensure you have a clear reference guide throughout your collection.

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